How to use

HOW TO USE: It's so easy!

OK, so we’ve explained how all the wondrous benefits of black can work miracles on so many hair types. Now it’s time to put it to the test. Here’s how to use it for some of the most demanding hair and popular styling techniques.

Blow Dry

Blow drying is a breeze with black! Simply spray on the roots of towel-dried hair and comb through for even distribution. Dry hair with high heat and round brush. black protects hair from the heat, strengthens and adds shine. And because black won’t weigh your hair down, it’s perfect for fine, limp hair. For an even fuller look, use black in combination with your favorite volumizing product.








Curls have never looked better! Whether diffused or air dried, black will tame the frizz and bring out the natural beauty and shine in your hair. Spray black liberally to towel-dried hair. Then apply your favorite curl-enhancing product, diffuse with low heat and scrunch until dry. To air dry, apply in the same manner and hand scrunch to desired shape. Finish by misting with black for soft, luscious, beautiful curls.






Flat Iron

Are you ready for silky smooth hair? black will work wonders for flat iron styling, especially on thick, coarse hair. Just apply black to the base of towel-dried hair and comb through evenly. Smooth hair with flat iron on medium heat, using a round or paddle brush. To finish, lightly mist hair with black for luxurious, soft, smooth hair that’s full of shine.